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PDC Pilot Bits

Pilot vertical view.JPG
Pilot Bit Face View.JPG
Pilot bit Iso view.JPG

Steerability, Improved ROP, and Durability...that is what you get with an Evolution Drilling Tools HDD pilot bit.



Our bit has a 0° cone and a very short gage profile as you would expect from a bit that needs to be steered, but in addition to that we have relieved the blade behind the cutters to decrease blade to formation contact. This decreases torque, which improves how the bit steers. Our proprietary Sabertooth™ cutters also improve cutter to formation contact which further improves steering. 


Our distinct blade geometry and cutter layout allows the PDC cutters to push further in to the formation than a standard bladed bit. Our proprietary Sabertooth™ cutter creates a very efficient plowing action when drilling, while at the same time decreasing drilling torque. Our blade profile also creates a larger junk slot, which means you can get cuttings away from the bit face and out of the hole quicker. Interchangeable nozzles allow you to fine tune your hydraulics..... All of these features add up to increased ROP. 


Evolution Drilling Tools uses PDC cutters with a larger carbide substrate than many HDD pilot bits. This larger substrate increases the bonding area between the cutter and the bit. This larger substrate also improves cutter impact resistance. Pilot bits spend their entire life on the low side of the hole resting on the gage pads. Evolution Drilling Tools gage pads are hardfaced with a prorietary tungsten carbide blend which protects the bit while drilling, and can be easily repaired in between uses. This makes for a very durable tool, built to withstand punishing HDD environments. 

saber snip.JPG

Sabertooth Cutter™ fails formation by plowing action, decreasing torque, improving steerability, and ROP

Pilot blade profile snip.JPG
hardfaced gage pad snip.JPG

Unique blade design decreases drilling torque, and improves cuttings evacuation. 

Hard Faced gage pads for improved wear

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