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Saber series pdc frac plug bit 

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Saber Series™ PDC

The best bit for drilling frac plugs...period. 

You would think drilling something made out of fiberglass and rubber (like today's modern frac plugs) would be easy. You would be wrong. 

PDC is a great option for drilling plugs since a PDC is extremely durable for today's ever longer laterals (which means no tripping to change bit), and has very low risk of losing parts or pieces in the hole. HOWEVER...standard round PDC cutters work by shearing the material they are cutting, and while this works very well with rock, round PDC cutters tend to rip rubber plug elements, and leave large pieces. 

Evolution Drilling Tools has created a solution to this problem. Our Saber Series PDC frac plug bits, uses our proprietary Sabertooth™ shaped PDC cutters. These shaped cutters have less cutter to rubber contact than a normal round cutter, and because of their shape gouge rubber plug elements into small easy to manage piece. This improved cutter shape and size also decreases torque as the cutters have less surface area in contact with the plug. 

The Saber Series™ bit is a"full hole" bit designed to insure plug parts stay on the bit until plug pieces are a small easy to manage size. Semi Round tungsten carbide gage inserts also protect our bit from interacting with the casing, insuring that the bit rotates concentrically, and that the PDC cutters don't undergo any impact related damage. 

With today's multi stage frac jobs adding more and more plugs....avoid the risk. Run the Saber Series™ PDC frac bit. 

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