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Saber Series™ Hybrid 

         Hybrid TCI / Milltooth Frac Plug Bit

Rollercones are the industry standard for drilling frac plugs. Don't just use any off the shelf product though. Off the shelf  roller cone bit are generally designed to drill something other than plugs, and are run downhole because they can drill a plug. 

Evolution Drilling Tools Saber Series™ hybrid is designed specifically for drilling out frac plugs, in today's multi stage fracs. 

Our hybrid bit features hard faced mill teeth on the inner rows for aggressive cutting action, and tungsten carbide inserts on the outer rows, to deal with the hard slip material found in frac plugs, and for durability. This combination of cutting structures insure you get the performance you require, as well as getting a bit that is durable enough for today's long fracs. 

  • Silver plated journal bearing 

  • Thrust and nose washers 

  • Pressurized grease reservoir with premium lubricant

  • Back ream inserts

  • TCI gage protection 


 Workhorse™ Milltooth

       General purpose workover milltooth

For all the other workover applications, our Workhorse™ rollercones fit the bill. Drilling cement, wellbore clean out, well deepening, and drilling formation up to 10,000 psi,  this bit can do it.

  • Silver plated journal bearing 

  • Thrust and nose washers

  • Pressurized grease reservoir

  • Premium Lubricant 

  • TCI gage protection 

  • Back Ream inserts

  • Fully hardfaced teeth 

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Saber PDC Spec Sheets

Saber Hybrid Spec Sheet 

Work Horse Milltooth Spec sheets 

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