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HDD hole openers

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Evolution dRilling Tools builds tooling for oil and Gas, HDD, and mining applications. if it involves any drilling application from water well to raise bore drilling, chances are we can help...or at least point you in the right direction. Reach out to us...we are relatively nice guys, and would love to shoot the bull. 

Cross Functional Teams....

That's where it's at. When you get a group of people together who have expertise in various segments of drilling, each player adds knowledge that some of the other players may not have. The result (in the case of Evolution Drilling Tools) is tooling that brings together technology and design from a variety of drilling disciplines. 

Our product lines include tooling for HDD (Hole Openers, Pilot Bits, Stabilizers), Oil and Gas (work over, completions, and frac plug drill out bits), and Mining (blast hole bits). 

One thing we know for sure; New drilling challenges pop up every day that may not currently have a good solution. Let us have a listen to your particular challenge, and develop tooling that makes sense for the way you drill. MOVE FORWARD.

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Evolution Drilling tools designed, developed and ...

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